4 Ways that Supportive Parents Show Pride for Their LGBTQ+ Kids


June is Pride Month, a great opportunity to celebrate your unique, beautiful LGBTQ+ child. Today we’ll share some suggestions for parents who want to show support but aren’t sure where to start. 

1. Have an inclusive attitude

This is something you can start during Pride Month and practice all year round. Having an inclusive attitude can take many forms, but one of the easiest ways to demonstrate it is to talk about LGBTQ+ people and issues in a positive way. It’s all about making a conscious effort to break the silence that often makes these things taboo. It can be as simple as mentioning an LGBTQ+ celebrity who recently came out of the closet or encouraging your child to invite their LGBTQ+ friends over to your house. Each of these actions shows your child that you’re trying, that their experience is normal, and that you love them.

2. Post on Social Media

If you and your child are comfortable with this level of sharing, then posting on social media is an easy way to make your feelings known. Social media is especially important to young people, so they’ll definitely notice and appreciate your efforts. Just make sure to check with them first and make sure it’s okay with them if you share. Here are some images you can share on social media during Pride Month:

An image showing a happy family in a loose group hug. The young woman in the middle looks comfortable with the parents. The title atop of the image reads “Strong FAMILIES support LGBTQ+ kids” An adult facing away from the camera wrapping their back with a flag with the colors of the rainbow. Text in the picture reads: “It’s okay, my kid is LGBTQ+”

3. Find a Pride Month event near you

Nearly every city in the United States has some kind of event for Pride, whether it’s a parade, concerts, speakers, etc. The easiest way to find out what’s going on near you is to google “Pride 2023 _____ (insert name of your city)” and just see what comes up. The thought of attending a large LGBTQ+ event may feel intimidating, especially if you are new to these issues. If your child is interested in going, however, this is an incredible opportunity to show your support and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive energy, sense of community and solidarity, and diversity of the participants.

4. Share your story on our website to empower other parents

One of the most helpful things for parents when their child first comes out is to learn from other parents’ first-hand experiences with their own LGBTQ+ kids. That’s why our website has a whole section dedicated to family stories. This Pride Month, consider taking the time to share your own story anonymously with our online community. The simple act of writing it out is a kind of therapy in and of itself, and you can feel good knowing that other parents will draw strength and inspiration from your experience.

This June, we hope you try at least one of these, it will mean the world to your LGBTQ+ kid and your participation makes the world a better place for all LGBTQ+ people.

If you want more ideas on actions you can take as a parent, our website is chock-full of them. Speaking Up: Independent Actions is a great place to start. 

Happy Pride Month!