Most parents learn as they go along, and each family’s path is unique. Good resources are available and it’s helpful to know how to find them.  From research reports to health information to support groups we encourage you to use these widely available tools to answer questions.

Finding Medical Resources

It is vitally important to get help and get accurate information. Your child is making decisions about how s/he wants to present to the world, but it is sometimes hard to know when to help and when to act with caution. Accurate information for families is constantly expanding and can be invaluable for you and your transgender child.

Work With a Supportive Physician. Please talk with your pediatrician about the concerns you have. Medical advice may resolve many questions. However, it’s essential your physician is accepting of LGBTQ patients and there are resources to help locate providers. Here are some national resources to assist:

  • The Human Rights Campaign publishes a listing of healthcare facilities throughout the United States that promote equitable and inclusive care for LGBTQ and their families. (Search for Healthcare Equality Index most recent report.)
  • The Outcare Health website listing allows you to use qualifiers for practice type and location to find a provider.
  • The GLMA is the world’s largest and oldest association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) healthcare professionals. Medical professionals must self-list. See the provider listing

Helpful Resources for Other Information

Kids In The House is an extensive website for parenting information on a broad range of topics. Search under transgender to find dozens of videos from parents and experts, a wealth of articles and a forum.

The National Center for Transgender Equality “About Transgender People” has a primer of basic transgender information and links to other resources.

The Mayo Clinic offers many helpful resources online. Search for “transgender” for a list.

GLAAD provides “Tips for Allies of Transgender People” with frequent questions, tips for allies, and a list of links to more resources.

The PFLAG transgender resource page offers a reading list as well as information on a number of legal, social and political issues affecting transgender persons.

There is also a wealth of information on this website.

Below are some key ones that can provide safe and reputable resources:

Support & Advocacy for a listing of key organizations providing education and information by and for transgender and LGBTQ people, their families, and their allies. There are sections for:

  • Key support and advocacy groups
  • Research sources
  • Education and school support and materials
  • Tips for college bound students
  • Civil rights and Laws
  • Major religions

Faith-Based Organizations In almost every faith group, there are resources for support. Our list includes:

  • Christian (22 Denominations)
  • Non-denominational
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Ecumenical

Books Titles include parenting, the coming out experience, LGBT resources, transgender resources, as well as Christian and Jewish writers.

Resources Find recent blogs, video, news and articles and a parent forum where you can post issues or questions for other parents to answer.

A Final Note

We hear repeatedly from parents that working through the changes of a child coming out can be hard but results in deeper, closer relationships.
With our very best wishes, we hope that is true for your family as well.