The pages that follow include essential information that most parents do not have when their child comes out — simply because it’s not an area most people look into until it touches their lives. This is information based on research. Knowing the facts can make an enormous difference for you and your child.

Wondering what to read next? Here are a few pages we recommend:

Risks for Your Child might seem frightening, but more frightening is not knowing these risks or that your actions can reduce these risks.

The Journey for Parents recaps the experience most parents and families go through. It can help to know these stages, and that understanding and coping are a process.

The Stages of Coming Out traces the path often experienced by LGBTQ children. Interviews with thousands of LGBTQ individuals have confirmed this usual sequence — which may help you understand your child better.

Myths That Stigmatize LGBTQ People addresses common misconceptions that often increase the concern of parents as their child comes out.

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“He was 24 or 25 when he came out. And I am just thinking he had this secret all these years and when I first asked him, 'When do you think you really knew you were gay?' And he said, 'I knew from a little boy, I knew I was different.' I feel bad that that poor kid was alone with this secret all by himself. Struggling, probably wondering what’s wrong with him or why he was different.”

Mother of a Gay Son