Below are resources for press, partners and supporters to use when spreading the word about Strong Family Alliance and our mission to save lives and preserve families by supporting parents of LGBTQ children.

About Us

Why Strong Family Alliance (2-minute video)
Organization Overview (PDF)
How We’re Different (PDF)
LGBT Statistics (PDF)

Video Content

Panel: Janet Duke, Jessica Soukup, Jo Ivester, Rev. Karen Thompson, Shailagh Clarke
Interview with BT Harman: Ways to Bridge the Gap between Christian Parents & Their LGBT Kids
Interview with Alex Patchin McNeill: Making Peace for LGBTQ at Church & Home
A Message of Inclusion from Texas Rep. Gene Wu


10.12.2019 – National Parents Coming Out Day is October 12: Strong Family Alliance Promotes a Day to Encourage Parents to Show Support for Their LGBTQ Children (PDF)
10.11.2017 – First Annual Parents Coming Out Day October 12: Strong Family Alliance Creates Day to Encourage Parents to Come Out Supporting their LGBTQ Children (PDF)
9.20.2017 – Strong Family Alliance Kick-Off Event Release (PDF)


Austin Woman Magazine: If Your Child Comes Out to You, Strong Family Alliance is Ready to Help
Austin American Statesman: Austin group creates support day for parents of LGBTQ children
NBC News: After Man Is Charged in Gay Son’s Death, LGBTQ Groups Focus on Outreach
NPR’s Texas Standard: Why Coming Out as LGBTQ in an Immigrant Family is Rarely an Option
Bustle: What Is National Parents Coming Out Day? October 12 Is All About Supporting Parents Of LGBTQ Kids
NBC News: ‘National Parents Coming Out Day’ Aims to Educate Families of LGBTQ Youth
CultureMap Austin: Austin nonprofit celebrates launch, aims to build strong families for LGBTQ youth
Houston Business Journal: First Annual National Parents Coming Out Day October 12
Spectrum News Austin: Nonprofit Provides Resources for Parents of LGBT Youth
KLBJ News Radio: Austin LGBT Families Come Together (audio below)

Key Messaging

We ask that two points be made in any blogs, posts or publicity. Strong Family Alliance:

  1. Is a non-profit focused on supporting parents whose children are coming out
  2. Provides a website consolidating information, resources, guidance, and parent-to-parent sharing to help families stay connected and keep their youth safe and healthy.

Supportive Messaging

National Parents Coming Out Day

October 12 is National Parents Coming Out Day. Held the day after National Coming Out Day on October 11, it’s a day when parents can show support for their LGBTQ child. Find out more on our National Parents Coming Out Day overview page.

Potential Leads

We offer these as potential key lines or ideas to build around. We hope one of these approaches resonates for you and your readers/followers.

  • This is something the parent goes through as well as the child, and it’s a process that takes time and energy. Be patient with yourself.
  • Religion is what kept me from accepting my child as gay, but faith is what helped me do so.
  • You may not be the only voice in your child’s ear, but make sure you’re the best voice in your child’s ear. (Dr. Phil)
  • It’s no wonder parents struggle when their child comes out to them, because they care about them. Because they want the best for them. Unfortunately, what most parents know about being (LGBT) is the misinformation they learned…They struggle because they care so much. (David Heubner, Ph.D., MPH Clinical Psychologist)
  • The pain of coming out is not the pain of the person who comes out alone. The whole family comes out. So the family almost has a bereavement process.  (Bishop Yvette Flunder, City of Refuge, United Church of Christ)


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