Parenting a transgender child is a long journey. This topic addresses considerations families often encounter and provides links to other common questions as well.

Managing Emotions acknowledges this can be an emotional time for families, but we offer suggestions for things parents can do to keep things in balance.

Telling Others can be a challenge and a temptation. We offer six ways to help your child tell or NOT tell others.

Relationships and Dating can be a challenging topic, but there are ways to approach it that keep trust on both sides.

Issues of faith are often among the most difficult questions families face. We offer some suggestions here. (And be sure to visit our Faith Based Organizations page which lists LGBTQ support groups in dozens of religions and faith groups.)

Tough Questions gathers questions parents ask that are seldom addressed elsewhere and answers that may be helpful.

Transgender Resources points to a list of transgender specific resources that are useful as well additional information on our site. You’ll find information on other resources like tips for college students, civil rights and laws, AIDS, education programs and links to an extensive list of support groups for many religions/denominations. You may not need all this now, but you may find it useful over time.

I’m 5 years into parenting an LGBTQ child, but I continue to learn. The issues change over time (safety, bullying, health, dating, college, roommates, partners, etc.) but I find I get better at it. What was hard at first has become so much easier. And finding good resources is such a gift.

Father of a gay son.