It's about how the person feels inside about themselves.

Father lets child speak his fear and asks “How can I help?”

"When he finally told us it was like he flew up, up and onwards."

He waited 20 years to speak.

"He was so sure I would reject him because of my beliefs"

A mother’s story of finding a path for her family

"Hardest thing has been to re-think her future, and the battles she will face."

Mother struggles as child struggles to determine identity.

"I would rather have my child in my life than ruin it by trying to talk him out of anything"

The hardest thing is calling her him.

"Know that for every shred of despair, fear, anxiety, sense of failure you feel, it pales in comparison to what your child may have been going through."

A mother tries to help her trans child find balance and connection.

Embrace them first and then get busy talking and learning

Only Mom Knows – But Hopefully Can Share with Dad Soon

Our biggest concerns were for our child's safety

Parents face transition and work for family acceptance

It's been a year now, and it's still a struggle.

Both child and parents in the closet

"The hardest thing is the constant risk of losing our community. Our church family."

Christian Family Leans on Faith

"Your child's sexual orientation does not change the person you have always loved."

We just found out and are trying to learn

"I needed to continue to be a loving and supportive parent."

A mom makes special efforts to educate herself and support her daughter.

"Three weeks ago, my husband discovered our son was self-harming"

Parents work through gender fluid son’s journey from “he/him” to “they”

"My 20-year-old daughter told me via text that she has been wanting to tell me for a while."

Mother is shocked when adult daughter comes out as bisexual

"Before my child came out to me, I was not supportive of gay rights or transgender people."

Transgender son brings shifts in the thinking of the entire family

"I can't stop thinking about my baby girl and how I feel like I've lost her somehow."

Mother fights worry and fear for pre-teen Lesbian daughter

The hardest thing was my own prejudice. I didn't think I had any till it was my kid.

A gay friend’s story from years ago helps a mother respond positively

"It was like the whole universe changed in that moment ... In the end it all worked out better than I could have ever hoped."

Parents very supportive of teenage transgender son despite hidden feelings of loss.

“I wish he would have told me sooner.”

A Mother From Pennsylvania

"I was concerned what the future might hold for her."

Father and Pastor

"I still fear for her safety."

Father Can’t Protect But Chooses to Love

"I did a lot of grieving over the loss of the image I had of my only son in my mind and heart."

Daughter Overcomes Suffering

“It’s been hard, but so worth it to keep my family intact.”

A Mother From Arkansas

"I have grown closer to my daughter and seen her becoming happier every year."

A Father from Oregon with a Transgender Daughter

"I thought that if he had the courage to be authentic, I too should have the courage to be authentic."

Authenticity and Deeper Faith through Journey With Gay Son

"How could I have not known? I’ve come to learn and accept it was because she didn’t fully know or understand it, let alone have the language to speak it out loud."

Father of Young Trans Teen

"You don't get yesterday back but you can have a happy tomorrow."

Couple Focuses on Support for Two Sons

"My only regret is not knowing this sooner. He was so unhappy for too long..."

I promised I would do whatever I could to help him.

"Our son was coming out in moments since 3rd grade.."

Parents learn gradually as their trans child uncovers his own identity.

"Initially, I made it about me - thoughts of things I would 'lose'."

A Father Grows in Acceptance and Support