Strong Family Alliance is an organization with a simple mission – to save lives and preserve families by helping children come out and parents become informed supporters and allies.

We give parents and LGBTQ people accurate information, insights on this challenging transition for both parents and children, ways to keep LGBTQ children safe and healthy, and encouragement for parents to lead with love and solve problems over time. We provide a non-political, research-based source of information and guidance to help build understanding and strong relationships.

Our Goals

  • Address the basic fears and conflicts for parents when a child comes out
  • Help LGBTQ kids navigate the process of coming out to their parents
  • Provide accurate information about sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Offer guidance on how to “do no harm” and keep their child safe
  • Focus on answering common initial questions
  • Have an empathetic, informative approach
  • Link to other positive resources for ongoing support

"This is the website I wish had existed when my daughter came out... and what I wish I could have shared with all the parents who have reached out to me since."

Janet Duke