Janet Duke

President & Founder

Janet Duke is President and founding member of the Strong Family Alliance and the parent of a lesbian daughter. When her daughter came out over 15 years ago, Janet would have given anything to have information and resources to keep her child safe and her family intact. Since that time, Janet has helped countless families in transition. As board member of the Parents Reconciling Network, she supports parents of LGBT children. She is also a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network focused on changing the anti-LGBT policies in the United Methodist Church.

Janet spent 35 years in IBM sales, product development, and management where her work with international teams gave her a deep appreciation of racial, cultural, and social diversity. Retiring from IBM, she worked for 10 years coordinating programs and applicants for the non-profit Service Dogs Inc. Retiring from that (she has a problem retiring), she now focuses on LGBT family issues and enjoys paddle boarding, ski-joring, hiking and RV travel.

Jen Smith

Founding Member

Jen Smith is Vice President and founding member of Strong Family Alliance. Jen has over 17 years of global marketing experience, with a particular focus on digital marketing and market research.

While Jen loves her career, her real passions include being a mom and helping others. She has vowed to help build resources for the parents of the LGBTQ community so they can better understand how to love their children through the process of coming out.

Jen lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two (adorable) children and spends her free time trying new restaurants with her Dinner Club or ridin’ the go-kart at the family’s mini-ranch.

Kendra Wright

Founding Member

Kendra Wright is a founding member of Strong Family Alliance. Kendra is particularly interested in helping parents through the faith issues they have when their children come out.

Kendra has done online marketing since 1995 and founded her first company in 1998, first providing custom digital solutions for global brands and later developing a website and ticketing platform for events, venues, and destinations. A “serial entrepreneur,” Kendra has launched two other companies, an email marketing service and a website offering contemporary women’s gifts.

Kendra does inspirational speaking all over the country. She loves to travel and once spent a year in an RV with her husband, who remarkably she’s still married to; she lives with him and her son in Austin.

Shailagh Clarke, Ph.D.

Board Member

Shailagh Clarke, Ph.D. is the first board member of Strong Family Alliance. As a licensed psychologist in private practice, Shailagh has seen first-hand the struggle families experience when a child comes out. Her vision is that this site will be a resource that will help preserve these families.

Shailagh provides individual therapy, family therapy, and parent coaching for issues including ADHD, depression, generalized anxiety, OCD, panic, adjustment, relationship concerns, and career changes. She obtained her master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of North Texas and bachelor’s degree in Plan II and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Shailagh lives in Lakeway, Texas with her partner and three children. After spending most of her life avoiding sports, she now enjoys playing tennis regularly.

“Our board has one thing in common – we are parents. And our message is what unites all parents – love your child.”