This journey is going to be interesting to navigate. For some of you, your family is open to the news that you are gay. For others, the thought of coming out to your family is really, really hard.

Before we share more with you — know this:

  • You are supported.
  • You matter.
  • You are loved.

This site is a safe place for you and your parents. Please share it with them.

Here are some suggestions that may help:

Try to give them time to adjust.

Acceptance is a process — sometimes a difficult one. Most LGBTQ people have thought about their identity for a long time, but it may be a shock to people you tell. Be aware that you and your loved ones are at very different points in this process and it may take for them time to adapt.

Ask loved ones to visit this website.

We designed this website to be a valuable resource for parents or family whose child has recently come out to them. We’ll also point your family to further resources for ongoing support and information.

Come out when you are ready and feel safe.

Get good information and decide what is best for you. Don’t act because someone thinks you should — act because it’s right for you.

Get support.

There are many excellent resources locally and online to help as you think through your decisions and identity. Use those to learn and connect. Don’t be alone on this journey.

This Resource Guide to Coming Out by the Human Rights Campaign may be helpful to you.


This website is parent-focused, but there are many excellent resources for LGBTQ individuals. Visit our Resource page to find local organizations that can be of assistance to you.
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