This journey is going to be interesting to navigate. For some of you, your family is open to the news that you are gay. For others, the thought of coming out to your family is really, really hard.

Before we share more with you — know this:

  • You are supported.
  • You matter.
  • You are loved.

This site is a safe place for you and your parents. Please share it with them.

You’ve decided to come out to your parents.

With some people in your life, telling them you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer will feel casual and easy, while with others the conversation may feel like a game-changer. This page offers ideas for coming out to parents, because this usually feels like one of those “big deal” moments. But these tips can help you think through how talk to anyone about your sexual orientation or gender identity.

One question we ask parents on this website is, “knowing what you know today, would you want your child to ‘stay in the closet’?” The answer over and over is “No.”  But that doesn’t mean there was no struggle before getting to acceptance.

As the person coming out, you’ve been thinking about your LGBTQ identity for years, but it can take time for parents to adjust. The good news is that being honest and real with your parents can build a better relationship — eventually. And you will feel relieved no matter what. The bad news is that coming out can be tough, and there’s stress knowing the conversation can go many ways. This page shares ideas about how to come out, responses depending on how people react and resources for both you and your parents.


This website is parent-focused, but there are many excellent resources for LGBTQ individuals. Visit our Resource page to find local organizations that can be of assistance to you.
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