A child coming out to family members is emotionally vulnerable. Those who receive the news are often upset and overwhelmed. There will probably be missteps on both sides — this is new territory for most families.

We hope this information will strengthen your family, protect your LGBTQ child from risks associated with rejection, and help you find your best path to love and support your child and keep your family strong.

We’ve grouped the information in this Parent Guide into three easy paths for parents to follow.  You’ll find essential facts and research, ways to help your child and challenges you may face over time.

Keep reading and follow the “What’s Next” steps to begin.

What’s Next?

We are dedicated to helping parents find a path forward. Here are three easy ways to get started.

Read This First

Helpful, factual information about this experience for parents and youth.

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Helping Your Child

Positive suggestions for navigating this change in your family.

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Challenges Ahead

Managing emotions, dealing with relationships, telling others, and tough questions.

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