Strong Family Alliance Gives Me Hope


Strong Family Alliance gives me hope.

There’s something about caring deeply about a cause and not doing anything meaningful about it that makes you feel hopeless. Hearing the struggles of LGBTQ people, how each day they can be faced with messages of hate, breaks my heart.

Recently, US Olympic skater Adam Rippon, who is the first openly gay U.S. athlete to compete at the winter Olympics, said he’s never received so many messages hoping he’d fall. Of course, this is nothing compared to the bullying and fear that other LGBTQ children can face at school, in their churches or by their own families. But we can’t let hopelessness take over, because there IS something we can do to promote love and acceptance.

And so, when we founded a nonprofit to help save LGBTQ lives and preserve their families, it gave me a feeling so entirely different and yet so valuable – HOPE.

Strong Family Alliance was started in the purest way, funded by a handful of very committed people who wanted to make sure that parents had the necessary resources to know how to best respond to their LGBTQ child. We seized hope as our strength and guiding light: we knew that parents of LGBTQ kids needed reassurance that they could find a way to reconcile their love with their beliefs.

We knew that no message has a stronger impact on an LGBTQ child than the messages they receive from their own parents. But we needed to get the word out.

We started Strong Family Alliance with the certainty that when parents have a safe place where to find information, ask questions and share their stories, they will be able to have more meaningful and truthful conversations, they will have the right tools to show love and prevent harm to their children.

We saw how this could really make a difference and we started working on it with all we had, including our own money.

It was a great way to start a non-profit, but self-funding isn’t the best way to grow. We have planted the seed, we have developed the resources, now we need to make sure every parent, child, counselor, nurse, chaplain or minister, can have access to this information.

We hope you can help us do that today.

We are ready now for the next step in this journey. We want you to be part of spreading this message of hope.

And we’re starting with Amplify Austin. A 24-hour day of online giving, when I Live Here I Give Here non-profit members raise funds for their organizations via the platform.

We invite you to participate and contribute to Strong Familly Alliance by scheduling your donation now, or March 1, 6:00 p.m. to March 2, 6:00 p.m. Visit to schedule your donation.

We have chosen to raise $15,000, but we could have just as easily chosen a million. Because reaching parents in rural areas, those who are afraid to even say their kid is gay or trans, those who feel they have nowhere else to turn, is hard. It will take marketing, advertising, public relations, content creation and curation, soliciting and sharing stories, forming partnerships, and so much more.

The need is great, and the stakes are high. But we hope you will help us get there.

It just takes one or two, family members supporting an LGBTQ kid to reduce their risk of drug use, depression, and suicide by almost half.

You can help us make sure they have the necessary resources to be that supporting family member.

We hope to count on you today.