If you are a parent whose child just came out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or queer, you may be struggling or wondering how to respond. We are parents too and want to help you through this crossroads and find a hopeful path for your family.

This 5-part guide series will give you insights, accurate information, encouragement and resources you need during this time. Just sign up with the form.


Coming out is challenging for all involved - but through open and honest conversations, families can become even stronger than before.

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Our Mission

Saving Lives, Preserving Families.

Strong Family Alliance is an organization with a simple mission – to save lives and preserve families by supporting parents of children coming out.

We give parents accurate information, insights on this challenging time for them and their child, ways to keep their child safe and healthy, and encouragement to lead with love and solve problems later.

Our Goals

  • Address the basic fears and conflicts for parents when a child comes out
  • Provide accurate information about sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Offer guidance on how to “do no harm” and keep their child safe
  • Focus on answering common initial questions
  • Have an empathetic, informative approach
  • Link to other positive resources for ongoing support

“You can be your child’s anchor, their safe place. Don’t ever drop your end of the rope.”

Dr. Phil

Our Story

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