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Jackson Alder

Hi Nattis1.7,
How you’re feeling is valid and there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to live with a romantic partner (or anyone). We’re not licensed therapists or counselors, but have some tips that might help. (If you’re able to see a therapist, this is the kind of thing an LGBTQ+ supportive and affirming one can help you sort out!) Something to think about is if this feeling is something you’ve had with multiple people you’ve liked or just this one person you currently like. You could also think about what aspects of a relationship appeal to you or don’t appeal to you.
Aromanticism is a spectrum. Some folks who identify as aromantic experience no romantic attractions while others sometimes do. Within the aromantic spectrum is an identity called gray-romantic. Folks who identity as gray-romantic may experience romantic attraction but not very often. Or they may experience romantic attraction, but not desire romantic relationships.

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