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Jackson Alder

Hi there! You’re not alone in how you’re feeling. Many parents of transgender kids go through that mourning and grief. Your support and wanting to be accepting is so great and important. Our Transgender Parent Guidecan be a great next step. You can read the Transgender Parent Guide online, have it emailed to you in 5 chapters, or buy our book (Parenting Transgender Children: a Guide for Keeping Your Family Strong) on Amazon. Each of these provides information about your child’s journey, understanding what transgender means and the many ways it can be expressed, how to deal with your own worry and fear, how to help, what to avoid, and so much more. We help you get started and point you to many books, resources, and organizations that can support you as well. For stories from other parents of transgender children, check out the Hopeful Voices/Family Stories section.

This can be a time of great risk for your trans child. Family support and connection are their lifeline and safety net.

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