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This response is several months later than your post, so you may have found yourself in a different position by now. However, the themes that you write about are so common in many marriages, including the struggle to support a child coming out when parents hold different opinions, goals, and values. There is no right or wrong way to proceed, however, if your goal is to maintain or deepen connection with your child, your response of “I support you no matter what” is a great start. This may indeed lead to further conflict or disconnection with your husband. As you sort through your religious and parenting values, it would likely be helpful to find a pastor or counselor in your area who is both knowledgeable about your faith and LGBTQ-affirming. You and your husband could very likely find a way to continue with your faith and remain connected and supportive of your child–there are definitely churches out there that are affirming and welcoming! Best of luck on this journey; you are dealing with many important questions.

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