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Janet Duke

Debbi, the most important thing you can do is support your grandson, so you’ve taken the key first step. That can be challenging but acceptance from even one family member is invaluable to all LGBTQ. From there it’s important to learn all you can so you can help him make plans and decisions. Here are some suggestions from our site, and each page also points to locations to find more.

Under the “Parent Guide” tab select “Transgender Resources”. There are several valuable links there and places to find medical information as well.

Under “Hopeful Voices” visit “Support and Advocacy”. You will find Transgender groups there and both Gender Spectrum and GenderCool can connect you to support groups and family information.

Under “Resources”, check out two areas:
1) Scroll down from the main “Resources” tab to the “Books” section. There is a group for Transgender and one is a book for teens that might be valuable for your grandson.
2) From the main “Resources” page, use the Topic pull-down to find articles and stories

This is a lifelong journey and both you and your grandson will need support. Try to connect with a support group, counselor, or other parents that might be helpful.

Finally, a word of encouragement: on our Parent Stories page are numerous stories from families with a Transgender loved one. We always ask if they are sorry their child came out. Every one of them says “No”, because they are closer, have better communication, and are more connected now. We hope this will be true for your family as well.

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