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Most training programs include multicultural training, which aims to increase therapists’ comfort and competence with clients who are of different cultures, religions, sexual orientations, or socioeconomic backgrounds. However, the National Alliance on Mental Illness offers these resources to find a therapist who will be affirming and effective with issues and concerns facing LGBTQ kids and their families:

• The Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling offers a list of resources for LGBT individuals and works to educate counseling professionals on LGBT issues.
• The Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists offers numerous resources for LGBT people who are experiencing mental health conditions, including a directory of LGBT-friendly therapists.
• The Center for American Progress offers a variety of resources, including a report called Why the Gay and Transgender Population Experiences Higher Rates of Substance Use.
• The GLBT National Help Center provides multiple resources and access to a hotline and a youth chat line.

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