Coming Out as a Parent

Parents Have a Role in Coming Out

As your child becomes more open, it’s important that you become more open, keeping pace to provide encouragement and emotional help. Parent support begins with being an ally, a safe person to trust, but each further step you take strengthens your child’s awareness that you are with them on their journey.

We have dozens of suggested actions you can try, but it’s important to remember this is not your story — it’s your child’s story. Your child is the one who will bear the scrutiny, the questions, and the judgement or acceptance. As you take actions to be more supportive, it’s imperative you do not ’out’ your child beyond their wishes. We’ve noted the actions you should coordinate with your child.

A simple, personal action we invite you to take is to share your story anonymously at Family Stories.

This has several benefits:

  • It’s completely private – You can share your experience anonymously.
  • It helps you practice telling your story — Sometimes reading our own stories gives us insight and practice telling our story that can be helpful as we eventually talk with others.
  • It becomes a resource for others – Parents visiting our pages can find stories from parents in similarly sized towns, geography, or family situation. You can be a help and encouragement to others.

Go here to share your story.

Nearly one in two Americans has someone close to them who is LGBTQ.

Human Rights Campaign

“You can be your child’s anchor, their safeplace. Don’t ever drop your end of the rope.”

Dr. Phil

National PARENTS Coming Out Day – Oct. 12: A Day Dedicated to Supporting Your LGBTQ Child

Interested in more ways to support your child?

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